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     My name is Tabitha Arleta Stone! I live in Georgia and have lived in Georgia ever since Slavery.


I am a single mother of the age 20-year-old son that has autism. I was born in Thomaston, Georgia and then on raised in Atlanta, Georgia. And I am great, great grand Daughter of slave that he was Ethiopian but he died at the aged 100-year-old and also my great, great grandaunt was Ethiopian, too. And his cousins from the other side of family line were Nigerians, and my great grandmother was a Native American. They’re all from my father’s side of the family. I am so proud of my African heritage especially Ethiopian roots.




My Journey of Faith that I have a passion to be writer. I have a deep imagination and also find tremendous about ancient history especially about ancient Africa history. Every day, I go online to do some research about ancient Africa’s archeology. I have my own group from in Facebook I post it for my group quilt often. I love writing but I have problem getting my ideals and thoughts together. I was hoping once go back to school online to help develop my writing skills to flow. Promise on writing a fiction fantasy stories base on ancient Africa’s history. But my mother on the other hand, she thinks is a waste of time pursuing my dream as a writer’s career because of her organized religion as a Jehovah witness. Her belief that, this system won’t able to last this long it soon will be destroy. And my father is none religion person even though he believes in some of thing she says from Holy Scriptures mean the bible but he never step foot inside of the kingdom hall. She want me get baptize, I want to but it more like its standing in my way of my writer dream so I am tough situations.  



I am a self- employer working at home as operator serve. I take phone calls from different companies online it more like a sale assistant or representative. Sometime, I work 20 near 30 hours in the week a pending on how much customers requests through my phone call. I love working at home then working at some public place. I require to handling orders over and talks very briefly to them. Alternative reason why I prefer working at home I can be able to writes my book at the same time.



My experience will help to dealing with customer serve and dealing with orders during these calls. I will prepare me to my own store online to sale the Africans' products in the future. I have setup my PayPal business account for invoice mail.


My hobbies, I relish writing poetry and short stories online. I has a book of collection of poetry had been published online by lulu.com. And I am also working on a short story for eBook I will plan finishes it pretty soon to publish this year I hope. Most of time, I get on my computer to write, and to my blog online and spent some comforter time with my son and my family.                                                                                                                   

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